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Why do so many women face burnout?

Tired woman working overtime

In this video, the therapist Polly Crabtree talks about her work, helping women facing burnout, who try to balance the challenge of carrying the mental load for their families with working life.

Here are five common features she has identified in many women facing burnout.

  1. There tends to be an over-developed sense of responsibility for other people and a concern for making sure that everyone else is ok.

  2. A difficulty saying no. A lot of women facing burnout tend to say yes even if they are probably aware that they don't necessarily have the capacity for it - and that will be in all areas of their life, not just confined to one one. And when they do say no to something because they can't physically do it, they will feel guilty about it.

  3. A difficulty sleeping because their minds are constantly whirring.

  4. A feeling that they don't have time to put into place any of the support features that they might want in their life. For example, they often won't have hobbies.

  5. If these women do feel they have done something wrong in terms of their protocol of how they like to do that, they tend to over-apologize for it.

To watch the whole interview, see below.

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